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Improving the Housing Standards

Decent Housing is Health!

Decent Housing is Health is our renown program which endeavors to improve the housing standards of low-income individuals in rural Africa. Many of them their houses are uninhabitable. The houses are substandard; they are built out of poor materials; mud, reeds and possess a health hazard. According to Sarah ,dusty floors harbor vectors such as jiggers. Jiggers are dust or sand fleas found in Sub-Saharan climate that burrow into victims’ flesh and lay pea-size eggs and multiply posing a health threat. Habitat for Humanity (2013), points out that, "Clean, decent, and stable housing is important. It does not only put a roof over someone’s head but also families can provide stability for their children, a family’s sense of dignity and pride growth, health, physical safety and security, and also it leads to an increase in educational and job prospects."

Housing Budget                           


 4000 Bricks         $360.00

 Steel                       $86.00

 Timber                  $194.77

 Iron sheets           $280.00

 Cement 60 bags   $664.62 

 Sand                      $291.70

  PHASE IIRoofing and Closing

 Timber                    $90.68

 Nail                         $84.55

 Doors 2 pcs          $207.00

 Windows 2pcs     $147.69   

 Labor 30%            $778.75

 TOTAL                 $3,393.53 

 Total Cost for 1 house is

 $3,393.53We plan to build

 50 houses  per a year, 

 Therefore the cost of 50

 houses is $129,790.50

The low-income individuals in Africa live in houses which are uninhabitable. The houses are substandard. They are built out of poor materials such; mud, reeds or grass  and poses a health hazard.     

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