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Fostering Young Philanthropists and Entrepreneurs

This program assists young adults (high school age), to develop their interests in the helping profession of human services.  It creates an environment that fosters their love of helping others while strengthening their capacity to be effective in the field of international benevolence.  Our approach is eclectic as we create and implement youth-oriented programs suggested by and for youth and young adults.


 Additionally, in the effort to promote health in Africa, we discovered  that health could best be promoted when an individual has a source of income that is why we are endeavoring to help women and youth in Africa to gain financial freedom. Our organization nurtures innovations and startups . We also, train/ equip women and youth with various skills which could enable them to gain financial independence. Our goal is healthy communities. We are confident once our target population gains financial freedom, their life will improve. They could afford to meeting their basic needs such as ; food, shelter,clothing, medical and others.

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