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            About Promoting a Healthier Africa

 Promoting a Healthier Africa (PAHA) is a private, nonprofit, community - based organization (NGO) with a 501(c) (3) tax exempt status. We endeavor to promote health both national and international. Our international primary focus is on rural Africa. PAHA believes that the water condition is unsafe in Africa,  housing condition  is sub-standard, and women health needs to be improved especially in rural areas.

The organization’s mission is to promote health mainly rural Africa. Our desire is to provide access to clean potable water to all, improve the housing standards, promoting women health to African villagers and see young philanthropists competent in their profession. 

PAHA was formed in 2016 by four qualified members, who care about promoting health of low- income individuals on the continent of Africa. These individuals are multi-dimensional in education and employment construct. The members entail a Health Educator, Registered Nurse, Architect and constructor, and a local government leader. Each one plays a prominent role in the facilitation of the programs' success. The future plans for Promoting a Healthier Africa, are to implement similar program

in various parts of Africa if we receive enough funding.

                                        What Makes Our Organization Unique!

Our programs are community –based, and citizen initiated. The combination of the two factors has gained us easy access to the communities we serve and support from the villagers, local leaders, clergy and council members. We find the residents of the communities we serve, ready to develop their capacity to deal with their housing  and water problems. The work and resources of many have a much better chance of solving a problem and to meeting the goal than the work and resources of a few. Both strength-based and needs-based approach make our programs  successful.


    Board  Chairperson 

    Dr. Jacqueline Edwards                     

   Assistant Chairperson

Bernell B.Frank Jr. 



  Jane Sekiwala


  Ellen Fees 

  Committee Chair 

  Craig Fees

                                                       STAFF MEMBERS

  Our staff is comprised of several dedicated and very highly qualified individuals:

  Executive Director and President

  Sarah Hoffman

  Communication Director

  Maria Cuffe 

  International Program Director/ overseer

  Sarah L. Mulindwa


  Thomas Kairu


  Operation Director

  Abel Lukwago 

   Local Leader

   Allen Nakintu


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