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Promoting Women’s Health and Children Sponsorship

The Dignity of Our Girls  and mothers Matter! 


In our desire to promote women's health is our renown program The Dignity of Our Girls and Mothers Matters. This program supports Adolescent and teenage girls categorized as low -income in both here at home and Africa in need of sanitary napkins and period poverty education. We also provides sanitary napkins to  low- income mothers after birth for their personal hygiene in Africa. In Africa, as UNICEF MENTIONS,"3 out of 10 African schoolgirls skip school or are forced to drop out of school completely because they fear embarrassment from leakage. Our program helps to empower girls to stay in . We also, promote feminine education,health and break menstrual taboo. On the other hand, many postpartum mothers in rural Africa suffer from Puerperal sepsis; Candida and other infections due to unhygienic padding with old rags. Antibiotics are given to these women which often cause loss of breast milk the only hope for feeding. That is why we desire to provide free sanitary napkins to save both mothers and babies.

Children Sponsorship:

In our efforts to promote women's health, women were not fully satisfied with our services. They were always requesting for sponsorship for their children. Many of these mothers are single mothers providing for their children is a challenge. We decided to include children sponsorship so that the women we serve are happy and healthy. Another reason , we incorporated Children sponsorship, we noticed a good number of children were orphans living with grandparents or other extended family member after both of their parent died from HIV/AIDS. Other children were abandoned and some were homeless due to domestic violence. 

Women's Budget for One Year                               

 Sanitary Napkins                       $90,000

(6 Cartons of 6 pack  @ $20)                         

12,000 Knickers ($6 per dozen)  $6,000

6 Workshop                                     $900  Program Equipment                    $3,000

Supplies and Materials               $1,000

Printing                                             $600

Postage                                             $300

Transportation                               $5,000

Food and Beverages                     $1,000

Program Evaluation                             $0

 TOTAL COST                               $107,800                            

Projected number of cartons of sanitary napkins to distributed in a year to 2000 school girls and 1000 postpartum mothers; Each school girl will receive 24 packs of sanitary napkins and 4 knickers in a year  are 4500 cartons @ 16 pieces.

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