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Findings have shown that living in substandard housing and utilization of contaminated water is detrimental to human health.However, the water condition in Africa is unsafe to use. Many low-income   people houses are inferior and women health is unhealthy. WHO and UNICEF (2012) point out,"About 2.6 billion people--half the developing world--lack even a simple improved latrine and 1.1 billion people have no access to any type of improved drinking water source." Meanwhile, United Nations (2013) reports that, "The world is experiencing a global housing crisis, over 1.6 billion people live in substandard housing. Over 827 million people live in urban slums and 100 million are homeless."UN(2013) expands,"Approximately 170 million housing solutions are needed globally. If nothing is done the numbers are expected to increase greatly in the next few years." Promoting a Healthier Africa has recognized similar needs. There is a need to improve on the housing standards,provide access to clean drinking water and to elevate women health to the rural dwellers. We have developed  three interventions to promote health in rural Africa.

General Condition of Low-Income Individuals in Africa

Sarah the founder of Promoting a Healthier Africa who grew up in Africa and witnessed unlivable  housing poor Africans lived in and the lack of clean drinking water. She  points out an urgent need of improved housing and access to clean safe water. According to Sarah, she drank and used water from wells which were contaminated with environmental pollutants, open defecation, pesticides and seepage from the pit latrines like everybody else. The end result was devastating; she suffered repeated waterborne diseases due to the presence of pathogenic microorganisms in the water; as a result of bathing, washing, drinking or preparing food with contaminated water.



 Programs of Promoting Healthier Africa,Inc

 Promote Women's Health

 Improve the Housing Standards

 Access to Potable Water and

 Fostering Young Philanthropists     

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