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The Full Story


Promoting a Healthier Africa (PAHA) is a private, nonprofit, community - based organization (NGO) with a 501(c) (3) tax exempt status. We endeavor to promote health both national and international. Our international primary focus is on Africa. PAHA believes that the water condition is unsafe in Africa,  housing condition  is sub-standard, and women and children health needs to be improved especially in rural areas.

The organization’s mission is to promote health mainly rural Africa. Our desire is to provide access to clean potable water, improve the housing standards, promoting women health to African villagers and see young philanthropists and entrepreneurs competent in their professional.


Our mission is to promote health nationally and internationally focusing on Africa. This entails promoting women’s health and children, improving housing standards of low- income individuals, providing access to clean safe water and  fostering young philanthropist. With their benevolent foundation cultivated through time, they naturally have the proclivity to help those in need home and abroad. Our approach is eclectic as we create and implement youth-oriented programs suggested by and for youth and young adults. 


Our vision is to have communities with improved women and children health, decent housing, access to clean water along with good hygienic conditions in Africa  plus professional young philanthropists and entrepreneurs.                                                   

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